Au Bon Pain Menu Prices (Updated – May 2022)

Au Bon Pain is a fast-casual restaurant chain specializing in bakery-style foods and cafe products. Au Bon Pain prices are very similar to the rest of the industry and if you are eating there, expect to spend about $10 for a full meal.

The restaurant has a large menu that includes a variety of hot and cold sandwiches, wraps, salads, breakfast food items, coffee, and desserts.

Below are the latest Au Bon Pain menu prices.


Signature Sandwiches

Turkey Club $6.49
Caprese $6.19
Caprese with Chicken $6.79
Chipotle Black Bean Burger with Avocado $6.79
Black Angus Roast Beef & Herb Cheese $6.79
Chipotle Turkey with Avocado $6.99
Grilled Chicken Avocado $6.99

Signature Sandwiches

Oven Hot

Black Angus Steak & Cheese $7.19
Turkey Cubano $6.19
Tuscan Grilled Cheese $5.69
Chicken Pomodoro $6.99
Newport Turkey $6.99
Turkey & Cheddar $6.79

Cafe Sandwiches

Classic Chicken Salad $5.89
Turkey & Swiss $6.39
Tuna Salad $5.99
Black Forest Ham & Cheddar $5.99
Black Angus Roast Beef & Cheddar $6.39
Grilled Chicken $5.89
BLT $5.19


Thai Peanut Chicken $5.99
Chicken Caesar $5.89
Waldorf Turkey $6.29
Veggie & Hummus $5.99
Napa Chicken with Avocado $6.29

Specialty Salads

Chicken Cobb with Avocado $7.69
Vegetarian Deluxe $6.79
Chicken Caesar Asiago $6.99
Thai Peanut Chicken $7.09
Turkey Apple Brie $7.19
Tuna Garden $6.99
Southwest Chicken $7.39

2 Select

Any Small Soup & Any Half Sandwich $6.99
Any Small Soup & Any Half Wrap $6.99
Any Small Soup & Whole Signature or Oven Hot Sandwich $8.99
Any Small Soup & Whole Cafe Sandwich $7.99
Any Small Soup & Whole Wrap $7.99
Any Small Soup & Specialty Salad $8.99


Egg Whites & Cheddar $3.49
Egg Whites, Cheddar & Avocado $4.19
2 Egg & Cheddar Sandwich $2.89
2 Egg & Cheddar Sandwich with Sausage, Bacon or Ham $3.49
2 Egg Sandwich $2.49
2 Egg Sandwich with Sausage, Bacon or Ham $3.09
Smoked Salmon Wasabi $3.99
Toasted Bagel & Cream Cheese $2.19
Bagels 6 Pc. $4.99
Bagels 12 Pc. $8.99


Caffe Americano – Hot or Iced 16 oz. $2.29
Espresso (Double Shot) – Hot 16 oz. $1.59
Cappuccino – Hot 16 oz. $3.29
Caffe Latte – Hot or Iced 16 oz. $3.29
Mocha Latte – Hot or Iced 16 oz. $3.29
Vanilla Latte – Hot or Iced 16 oz. $3.29
Chai Latte – Hot or Iced 16 oz. $3.29
Caffe Viennese – Hot or Iced 16 oz. $3.29
Caramel Macchiato – Hot or Iced 16 oz. $3.29
Caffe Milano – Hot or Iced 16 oz. $3.29
Hot Chocolate – Hot 16 oz. $2.49
Add Shot of Espresso $0.79
Add Flavor Shot $0.59


Cookie $0.99

Au Bon Pain was founded in 1978 in Boston, Massachusetts, by Louis Rapuano and Louis Kane. Today, there are over 300 restaurant locations throughout the world and many are located inside malls, hospitals, and colleges.

Although it’s not as cheap as your regular fast food, Au Bon Pain prices are fairly affordable. However, keep in mind that if you’re buying food for multiple people, the price will add up quickly.

Au Bon Pain FAQ

Does Au Bon Pain pay weekly?

All Au Bon pains are different depends on which you apply for some get paid weekly some get paid bi-weekly. Workers get paid weekly, but not at a very good rate.

Who bought Au Bon Pain?

The two fast-casual bakery chains announced Wednesday afternoon that Panera has entered a definitive agreement to acquire Au Bon Pain and its 304 locations.

How much does Au Bon Pain pay?

Average Au Bon Pain hourly pay ranges from approximately $8.25 per hour for Barista to $16.75 per hour for Café Manager. The average Au Bon Pain salary ranges from approximately $17,548 per year for Barista to $57,942 per year for General Manager.

When did Au Bon Pain found?

It was founded in 1976; 45 years ago in Boston, Massachusetts, USA by Louis Rapuano and Louis I. Kane with the main aim of serving the best food to its customers.

How many locations does Au Bon Pain have?

Au Bon Pain has more than 204 locations and its headquarters is located in Boston.

Who owns Au Bon Pain?

Au Bon Pain is owned by JAB Holding Company which has some other subsidiaries as well like Panera Bread, Krispy Kreme, Peet’s Coffee, etc.



Au Bon Pain Corporate Office Address – N/A

Au Bon Pain Corporate Office Phone Number – +1 617-345-9638

Au Bon Pain Website –

Au Bon Pain Email Address – [email protected]

Au Bon Pain team can be reached by filling the contact form mentioned on their website.


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