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BurgerFi is a fast food restaurant chain specializing in burgers and fried meals. Unlike your average fast-food restaurant, their burgers are made from never-frozen and guaranteed to be fresh Angus beef. BurgerFi prices are similar to other high-end fast food restaurant chains.

In addition to serving great-tasting burgers, BurgerFi also has five styles of hot dogs including Chicago, New York, Texas Chili Cheese, Chicken Apple, and 100% Wagyu Kobe Beef.

Below are the latest BurgerFi menu prices.


All-Natural Burgers

BurgerFi Burger $6.27
BurgerFi Cheeseburger $7.27
VegeFi Burger $7.27
Conflicted Burger $7.97
Breakfast All Day Burger $7.97
The Twenty-Eight (Brisket Burger) $10.97
Add Hickory Bacon $1.67

Build Your Better Burger

Single Stack Natural Angus $4.77
Single Stack Vegefi Burger $6.27
Single Stack 28-Day Aged Burger $6.97
Double Stack Natural Angus $5.97
Double Stack Vegefi Burger $8.27
Double Stack 28-Day Aged Burger $9.97
Triple Stack Natural Angus $7.77
Triple Stack Vegefi Burger $10.27
Triple Stack 28-Day Aged Burger $12.97
Toppings $0.77-$3.00


Chicago Style Dog (Beef) $5.47
Chicago Style Dog (Chicken Apple) $6.47
Chicago Style Dog (Wagyu + Black Angus) $7.27
New York Style Dog (Beef) $4.97
New York Style Dog (Chicken Apple) $5.97
New York Style Dog (Wagyu + Black Angus) $6.77
Texas Style Chili Cheese Dog (Beef) $5.47
Texas Style Chili Cheese Dog (Chicken Apple) $6.47
Texas Style Chili Cheese Dog (Wagyu + Black Angus) $7.27
Vienna Beef Dog $3.97
Chicken Apple Dog $4.97
100% Wagyu Kobe Beef Dog $5.77
Add Cheese or Kraut $1.00
Add BurgerFi Chili $1.00
Add Hickory Bacon $1.57


Hand-Cut Fries Regular $3.57
Hand-Cut Fries Large $4.67
Hand-Cut Fries Bucket $6.97
Crispy Onion Rings Regular $4.67
Crispy Onion Rings Large $5.37
Cry & Fries $5.77

Fry Toppings

Salt & Vinegar $0.87
Parmesan Cheese & Herbs $0.97
Hot Cajun Spices $0.77
Cheese Sauce $0.97
BurgerFi Chili $1.27
BurgerFi Chili & Cheese Sauce $1.77

Frozen Custards

Shake (Red Velvet, Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana, Black & White, Strawberry, or Coffee Mocha) $4.97
Malt (Red Velvet, Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana, Black & White, Strawberry, or Coffee Mocha) $4.97
Floats & Cows (Coke Float, Root Beer Float, Purple Cow, or Orange Cow) $4.97
Sundaes Small $3.97
Sundaes Regular $4.97
Sundaes Large $5.97

Frozen Concrete

Red Velvet Concrete $5.97
Key Lime Concrete $5.97
O.M.C. (Oh My Chocolate!) Concrete $5.97
Build Your Own Concrete $5.97


Coca-Cola Freestyle Machine $2.77
Water Bottle $1.97
BurgerFi is a fairly new company having been founded only a few years ago. Despite that, it already has over 170 restaurant locations which shows that its model really does work.

BurgerFi was founded to be an environmentally sustainable restaurant chain that has Earth-friendly elements, like chairs made out of recycled materials, tables made out of recycled wood, and fans that use over 60% less electricity. Their goal is to maintain a low carbon footprint and attract the environmentally-conscious crowd. As with everything, you get what you pay for, and BurgerFi prices justify spending a little more to gain a lot more.

BurgerFi FAQ

Why is it called BurgerFi?

Manero realized that burgers and fries were the cornerstones of all restaurants, so its name sums up his desire to lead a “BurgerFication of the Nation.”

Is BurgerFi only in Florida?

The first location was opened in February 2011 in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida. Since its founding, BurgerFi is among the nation’s fastest-growing better burger concepts with 120 restaurants in the U.S. and abroad.

Who is the owner of BurgerFi?

John Rosatti started Burgerfi with the main aim of serving the best burgers to its customers.

Does BurgerFi serve alcohol?

BurgerFi also serves alcohol on tap, with six beer and four wine options. You will be a fan of Burgerfi once you will go there.

How many BurgerFi locations are there?

There are more than 120 locations of Burgerfi and its headquarters is located in Palm Beach, Florida, United States.



BurgerFi Corporate Office Address – N/A

BurgerFi Corporate Office Phone Number – +1 954-489-0110

BurgerFi Website – www.burgerfi.com

BurgerFi Email Address – [email protected]

BurgerFi team can be reached by filling the contact form mentioned on their website.


BurgerFi Facebook Page – facebook.com/BurgerFi

BurgerFi Twitter Handle – twitter.com/burgerfi

BurgerFi Instagram Account – instagram.com/burgerfi

BurgerFi Youtube Channel – youtube.com/channel/UChCM-PZEILViWa9UxFgP9kQ


BurgerFi Menu – burgerfi.com/menu

BurgerFi Franchise Details – burgerfi.com/franchise

BurgerFi Careers – burgerfi.com/careers

BurgerFi Locations – N/A

BurgerFi Order Online – order.burgerfi.com/locations

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