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Cinnabon is a fast-food chain that specializes in baked goods such as cinnamon rolls. Cinnabon prices are considered to be average and you can get a treat for one person for under $5.

If you’re not a fan of sweet treats, then you will probably find Cinnabon to be a letdown. Most of their food is sweet and was not meant to replace a regular full meal.

Below are the latest Cinnabon menu prices.


Baked Treats

Cinnabon Classic Roll $3.76
Caramel Pecanbon Roll $4.71
MiniBon $2.83
Center of the Roll $3.30
Cinnabon Stix 5 Pc. $3.29
Cinnabon Stix 10 Pc. $5.49
CinnaSweeties 5 Pc. $2.49
CinnaSweeties 10 Pc. $3.99
Cinnabon Bites 4 Pc. $3.29
Churro $2.36
Extra Frosting $0.71

Baked Treats

CinnaPack – Pre-Packed & Ready To Heat

Cinnabon Classic 4 Rolls $12.99
Cinnabon Classic 6 Rolls $17.45
Caramel Pecanbon 4 Rolls $16.99
Caramel Pecanbon 6 Rolls $22.99
Combo (Classic or Caramel Pecanbon) 4 Rolls $14.99
Combo (Classic or Caramel Pecanbon) 6 Rolls $20.99
MiniBon 9 Rolls $14.99
MiniBon 15 Rolls $21.99

Sweet Sips

Chillattas (Oreo, Cinnamon Roll Coffee, Chocolate Mocha, Strawberry, Strawberry Banana or Tropical Blast Regular $4.71
Chillattas (Oreo, Cinnamon Roll Coffee, Chocolate Mocha, Strawberry, Strawberry Banana or Tropical Blast Large $5.65
MochaLatta Chill Regular $4.71
MochaLatta Chill Large $5.65
Cinnamon Roll Iced Coffee Regular $2.99
Cinnamon Roll Iced Coffee Large $3.58
Vanilla Iced Coffee Regular $2.99
Vanilla Iced Coffee Large $3.58
Cinnabon Signature Coffee Regular $1.65
Cinnabon Signature Coffee Large $1.88
Soft Drink Large $1.79
Lemonade Regular $2.36
Lemonade Large $2.83
Raspberry Lemonade Regular $3.30
Raspberry Lemonade Large $3.77
Mik Regular $1.59
Milk Large $1.89
Chocolate Milk Large $1.89
Hot Chocolate Large $2.36
Hot Tea Large $1.69
Juice Bottle $2.36
Water Bottle $1.79
Cinnabon was founded in 1985 in Federal Way, Washington, by Ray Lindstrom. He already owned a restaurant, but he wanted to create the best cinnamon roll, so he hired the best help he could find to help him create his classic recipe. Currently, Cinnabon has over 750 locations in more than 30 countries.
Many of their kiosks are located inside malls and shopping centers.

In addition to having cinnamon rolls, Cinnabon also offers MiniBons, Center of the Roll, Stix, CinnaSweeties, and Churros. Cinnabon prices are reasonable considering you can get plenty of treats for under $5.

Cinnabon FAQ

Why are cinnabons only in malls?

In addition to putting most locations in malls or airports where the scent can linger (rather than as stand-alone stores), Cinnabons also build their stores with the ovens near the front so the scent of baking cinnamon and sugar can lure in customers every time the oven is opened.

Who created Cinnabon?

31 years ago, after scouring the country for the perfect cinnamon roll, Seattle’s Restaurants Unlimited founder Rich Komen called on Brusseau to create the world’s best cinnamon roll for a new concept he’d developed called Cinnabon.

Who owns Cinnabon Australia?

The franchisor for incoming US bakery chain, Cinnabon has unveiled an ambitious target for the fresh scroll franchise. Earlier this year, Inside Franchise Business, revealed that Queensland Carl’s Jr. franchisee The Bansal Group had secured the Australian rights to the US bakery giant.

When did Cinnabon found?

Cinnabon has founded on December 4, 1985; 36 years ago in Seattle, Washington.



Cinnabon Corporate Office Address – 5620 Glenridge Dr., NE · Atlanta, GA 30342

Cinnabon Customer Service Phone Number –888-288-7655

Cinnabon Website –

Cinnabon Email Address – N/A

The Cinnabon team can be reached by visiting the contact us page mentioned on their website.


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