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So you are searching for a new place where you can enjoy tasty coffee? If it is so, then today we are going to tell you Jamaica Blue that you will fall in love with. Also, we are going to tell you the Jamaica Blue menu prices so if you are searching for it then your research for menu prices is also over.

First of all, we will tell you about the history of Jamaica Blue. It was owned by Foodco and this brand opened its first store in Singapore that spreads over countries like Australia, New Zealand, UK, and many others.

Currently, they have more than 165 Jamaica Blue Cafe in the world and they are planning to expand it by giving franchises to others. So without wasting much time let’s take a look at the Jamaica Blue menu prices.

Below is the Jamaica Blue menu prices:

All Day Menu

Food Prices
Avo Smash 16.9 AUD
Eggs Benedict 16.9 AUD
All Tings Breakfast 19.9 AUD
Assorted Loaves 5.5 AUD
Chorizo & Egg Wrap 7.9 AUD
Savoury Croissant 9.9 AUD
Belly & Egg Roll 12.9 AUD
Bacon, Egg & Chipole Roll 12.9 AUD
Halloumi & Avocado Breakfast Roll 13.9 AUD
Breakfast Crepe 14.9 AUD
Grilled Halloumi & Pesto Toast 15.9 AUD
Corn & Chorizo Fritters 15.9 AUD

Summer Stunners

What-A-Melon Salad 13.9 AUD
Na-Cho Average Bowl 14.9 AUD
Bob’s Banana Pancakes 13.9 AUD
Mango Smoothie Bowl 10.9 AUD
Eggs Benedict Jamacian Style 18.9 AUD
Jamaican Beef Patty 12.9 AUD

Breakfast Your Way

Jamaican Belly BBQ 5.0 AUD
Bacon 4.0 AUD
Halloumi 4.0 AUD
Avocado 4.0 AUD
Hash Brown 4.0 AUD
Roasted Truss Tomatoes 3.5 AUD
Mushrooms 3.5 AUD
Chorizo 4.0 AUD
Extra Egg 2.0 AUD

Anytime Eggs

Two Eggs Your Way (with toast) 11.0 AUD


Green Island Fritters 13.9 AUD
Holy Crepe 17.9 AUD
Fish & Chips 16.9 AUD
Let’s Taco ‘Bout Fish 13.9 AUD
Angel Bay Beef Burger 16.9 AUD
Tart of the Day 10.9 AUD
Kingston Salad 12.9 AUD
Mushroom & Kale Roll 13.9 AUD
Bacon & Brie Roll 13.9 AUD
Blat 16.9 AUD
Crispy Chicken & Slaw Roll 14.9 AUD
Chicken Caesar Burger 16.9 AUD


Add a Side of Chips 4.0 AUD
Bowl of Chips with Aioli 8.0 AUD

Kids Menu

Babycino 1.5 AUD
Milkshakes & Juices 4.0 AUD
Kids Egg on Toast 7.9 AUD
Add Bacon 2.5 AUD
Kids Banana Pancakes 9.9 AUD
Nachos 7.9 AUD
Cheesy Soldiers 5.5 AUD
Fish & Chips 9.9 AUD
Cheesy Burger 9.9 AUD

Signature Coffee Blends

Coffee Small Large
Cappuccino 4.0 AUD 5.6 AUD
Flat White 4.0 AUD 5.6 AUD
Latte 4.0 AUD 5.6 AUD
Long Black 4.0 AUD 5.6 AUD
Mocha 4.7 AUD 6.3 AUD
Piccolo 3.8 AUD N/A
Macchiato 3.8 AUD N/A
Espresso 3.7 AUD N/A
Affogato 5.0 AUD N/A

Teas & Hot Drinks

Hot Chocolate 4.4 AUD
White Hot Chocolate 4.4 AUD
Chai Latte 4.5 AUD
Elmstock Loose Leaf Teapot 4.5 AUD

Coffee Over Ice

Iced Coffee 6.5 AUD
Iced Chocolate 7.0 AUD
Iced Mocha 7.0 AUD
Iced Latte 7.0 AUD
Coffee Vanilla Blend 7.5 AUD
Chai Cinnamon Blend 7.5 AUD

Chilled Drinks

Sparking Water 4.0 AUD
Juices & Soft Drinks 4.5 AUD
Kombucha 4.0 AUD

Handcrafted Sodas

Mango Granita 7.0 AUD
Pineapple & Lime Granita 7.0 AUD
Pomegrenate Botanical 7.5 AUD

Shakes & Fruit Smoothies

Milkshakes 6.5 AUD
Signature Blend Espresso Milkshake 6.5 AUD
Banana Smoothie 6.5 AUD
Green Kiwi Smoothie 7.0 AUD
Raspberry & White Chocolate Smoothie 7.0 AUD

Jamaica Blue FAQ

Who owns Jamaica Blue?

Jamaica Blue is owned by Foodco which operates small coffee shops throughout Australia, New Zealand, UK, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates.

How old do you have to be to work at Jamaica Blue?

Persons cannot start work until they are over 15 years of age. Persons under 16 cannot work during school hours and may not work more than three hours on a school day. They must finish work by 9 pm.

How much is a Jamaica Blue franchise?

If you want to own a Jamaica Blue franchise then the investment you need is $200,000 – $265,000.

How many stores does Jamaica Blue have?

Currently, they have more than 165 stores in countries like  Australia, New Zealand, the UK, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates.



Jamaica Blue Corporate Office Address – PO Box 303, Double Bay NSW 1360

Jamaica Blue Corporate Office Phone Number – 1800 622 338

Jamaica Blue Website – jamaicablue.com.au

Jamaica Blue Email Address – [email protected]

Jamaica Blue team can be reached by filling the contact form mentioned on their website.


Jamaica Blue Facebook Page – facebook.com/JamaicaBlueCafes

Jamaica Blue Twitter Handle – N/A

Jamaica Blue Instagram Account – instagram.com/jamaicablue


Jamaica Blue Menu – jamaicablue.com.au/menu

Jamaica Blue Franchise Details – jamaicablue.com.au/franchising

Jamaica Blue Nutritional Information – N/A

Jamaica Blue Careers – jamaicablue.com.au/careers

Jamaica Blue Locations – jamaicablue.com.au/store-locations

Jamaica Blue Order Online – N/A

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