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Jimmy John’s is a sub sandwich restaurant chain with over 1,600 locations in 40 states. Unlike other sub sandwich restaurants such as Subway and Quiznos, which offer multiple sizes of sandwiches, Jimmy John’s only offers subs that are 8 inches long. Due to that, it is difficult to compare Jimmy John’s prices directly with those of its competitors.

Although its competitors have moved to offer other items such as salads and soups, Jimmy John’s has not. It is just a sub sandwich restaurant. The only options you have at Jimmy John’s are plain sub sandwiches (no veggie or sauce), gourmet sub sandwiches, and giant club sandwiches. You also have a choice of a few sides such as cookies, chips, or pickles.

Below are the latest Jimmy John’s menu prices.


8″ Sub Sandwiches

Pepe® 8 in. $5.50
Big John® 8 in. $5.50
Totally Tuna® 8 in. $5.50
Turkey Tom® 8 in. $5.50
Vito® 8 in. $5.50
Vegetarian 8 in. $5.50
J.J.B.L.T 8 in. $5.50

Plain Slims®

Any Sub Minus The Veggies and Sauce

Ham & Cheese 8 in. $4.25
Roast Beef 8 in. $4.25
Tuna Salad 8 in. $4.25
Turkey Breast 8 in. $4.25
Salami, Capicola, Cheese 8 in. $4.25
Double Provolone 8 in. $4.25

Giant Club Sandwiches

Twice The Meat or Cheese

Gourmet Smoked Ham Club 8 in. $6.95
Billy Club® 8 in. $6.95
Italian Night Club® 8 in. $6.95
Hunter’s Club® 8 in. $6.95
Country Club® 8 in. $6.95
Beach Club® 8 in. $6.95
Gourmet Veggie Club® 8 in. $6.95
Bootlegger Club® 8 in. $6.95
Club Tuna® 8 in. $6.95
Club Lulu® 8 in. $6.95
Ultimate Porker™ 8 in. $6.95

Other Sub Sandwiches

The J.J. Gargantuan® 8 in. $8.95

Sides & Drinks

Soft Drink Regular $1.49
Soft Drink Large $1.99
Dasani® Water Bottle $1.49
Chocolate Chunk Cookie $1.99
Raisin Oatmeal Cookie $1.99
Real Potato Chips $1.39
Jumbo Kosher Dill Pickle $1.39

Party Platters

Mix & Match Any Sub

5 Sandwiches Platter 15 Pc. $28.50
10 Sandwiches Platter 30 Pc. $56.00

Party Subs

Party Sub 2 ft. $40.00
Party Sub 4 ft. $75.00
Party Sub 6 ft. $110.00

Party Sides

Chocolate Chunk Cookie Tray 12 Pc. $18.00
Raisin Oatmeal Cookie Tray 12 Pc. $18.00
Six Of Each Cookie Tray 12 Pc. $18.00
Jumbo Kosher Dill Pickle Bucket $5.00

Jimmy John’s was founded in 1983 in Charleston, Illinois, by Jimmy John Liautaud. Jimmy’s father gave him a choice of joining the military or starting his own business, and Jimmy chose the latter.

The main competitors of Jimmy John’s include other sub sandwich fast-food restaurants such as Subway, Quiznos, and Penn Station. Jimmy John’s is different from the rest in that they only offer cold sub sandwiches and only one size (8 inches). Due to these differences, you can consider Jimmy John’s prices to be competitive with the rest of the sub sandwich industry, however, it is hard to compare them head-to-head.

Jimmy John’s FAQ

Does Jimmy Johns deliver to my house?

After all, Jimmy John’s is strict about its delivery policies; it will only deliver sandwiches to places within five minutes of their stores to ensure the food maintains its reputation of being “freaky fresh and freaky fast.”

Does Jimmy Johns deliver for free?

Jimmy Johns charges a $1.50 delivery fee for any order regardless of size. The corporate policy says the minimum for delivery is 1 sandwich. This delivery fee is used to help compensate for the driver’s fuel costs. As always, Tips are the lifeblood and largest portion of a driver’s income.

Who owns Jimmy John’s now?

Jimmy John’s is owned by Inspire Brands which has some other subsidiaries as well like Dunkin’ Donuts, Buffalo Wild Wings, Arby’s, and many more.

When did Jimmy John’s found?

Jimmy John’s was founded in 1983; 38 years ago by Jimmy John Liautaud with the main aim of serving the best food to its customers.

How many locations does Jimmy John’s have?

There are more than 2,754 locations of Jimmy John’s and its headquarters is located in Champaign, Illinois, United States.



Jimmy John’s Corporate Office Address – N/A

Jimmy John’s Corporate Office Phone Number – N/A

Jimmy John’s Website – www.jimmyjohns.com

Jimmy John’s Email Address – N/A

Jimmy John’s team can be reached by visiting the feedback form page mentioned on their website.


Jimmy John’s Facebook Page – facebook.com/jimmyjohns

Jimmy John’s Twitter Handle – twitter.com/jimmyjohns

Jimmy John’s Pinterest Account – in.pinterest.com/jimmyjohns/_created

Jimmy John’s Instagram Account – instagram.com/jimmyjohns

Jimmy John’s Youtube Channel youtube.com/user/jimmyjohns


Jimmy John’s Menu – jimmyjohns.com/menu

Jimmy John’s Franchise Details – jimmyjohns.com/franchising

Jimmy John’s Locations – jimmyjohns.com/find-a-jjs

Jimmy John’s Nutritional Information – PDF

Jimmy John’s Careers – jimmyjohns.com/contact-us/jobs

Jimmy John’s Gift Cards – mercury-gift.com/JimmyJohns

Jimmy John’s Order Online – online.jimmyjohns.com

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