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Are you looking for the Mod Pizza menu prices? If yes then today after reading this article you will be able to know them because we are going to tell you all about this restaurant like MOD Pizza menu prices, its history and contact details.

If we talk about the history of this article then it was founded in 2008; 13 years ago in Seattle, Washington by three persons Scott Svenson, Ally Svenson, and James Markham with the main aim of serving the best pizza s to its customers.

They have more than 460 locations in the United States and the United Kingdom with its headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, United States. This restaurant has also received many awards like 50 Breakout Brands by Restaurant News in 2013, FEAT Reach for the Stars Award for Best Employer, etc.

So without wasting much time let’s take a look at the MOD Pizza Menu Prices:

mod pizza menu prices



Create Your Own Pizza Mini (6-inch pizza) $6.27
Create Your Own Pizza MOD (11-inch pizza) $8.27
Create Your Own Pizza Mega Dough (11-inch thick crust) $10.27
Lucia – Flash MOD Mini (6-inch pizza) $6.27
Lucia – Flash MOD MOD (11-inch pizza) $8.27
Lucia – Flash MOD Mega Dough (11-inch thick crust) $10.27
Maddy Mini (6-inch pizza) $6.27
Maddy MOD (11-inch pizza) $7.27
Maddy Mega Dough (11-inch thick crust) $10.27
Mad Dog Mini (6-inch pizza) $6.27
Mad Dog MOD (11-inch pizza) $8.27
Mad Dog Mega Dough (11-inch thick crust pizza) $10.27
Tristan Mini (6-inch pizza) $6.27
Tristan MOD (11-inch pizza) $8.27
Tristan Mega Dough (11-inch thick crust pizza) $10.27
Dominic Mini (6-inch pizza) $6.27
Dominic MOD (11-inch pizza) $8.27
Dominic Mega Dough (11-inch thick crust pizza) $10.27
Lucy Sunshine Mini (6-inch pizza) $6.27
Lucy Sunshine MOD (11-inch pizza) $8.27
Lucy Sunshine Mega Dough (11-inch thick crust pizza) $10.27
Jasper Mini (6-inch pizza) $6.27
Jasper MOD (11-inch pizza) $8.27
Jasper Mega Dough (11-inch thick crust pizza) $10.27
Dillon James Mini (6-inch pizza) $6.27
Dillon James MOD (11-inch pizza) $8.27
Dillon James Mega Dough (11-inch thick crust pizza) $10.27
Calexico Mini (6-inch pizza) $6.27
Calexico MOD (11-inch pizza) $8.27
Calexico Mega Dough (11-inch thick crust pizza) $10.27
Caspian Mini (6-inch pizza) $6.27
Caspian MOD (11-inch pizza) $8.27
Caspian Mega Dough (11-inch thick crust pizza) $10.27
Pizza Salad MOD (11-inch pizza) $10.27


Create Your Own Salad Mini (side salad) $6.27
Create Your Own Salad MOD (entrée salad) $8.27
Create Your Own Salad Mega (family-size salad) $13.27
Roasted Sriracha Chickpea Salad – Flash MOD Mini (side salad) $6.27
Roasted Sriracha Chickpea Salad – Flash MOD MOD (entrée salad) $8.27
Roasted Sriracha Chickpea Salad – Flash MOD Mega (serves 2-4) $13.27
Caesar Salad Mini (side salad) $6.27
Caesar Salad MOD (entrée salad) $8.27
Caesar Salad Mega (serves 2-4) $13.27
Deluxe Salad Mini (side salad) $6.27
Deluxe Salad MOD (entrée salad) $8.27
Deluxe Salad Mega (serves 2-4) $13.27
Simple Salad Mini (side salad) $6.27
Simple Salad MOD (entrée salad) $8.27
Simple Salad Mega (serves 2-4) $13.27
Pizza Salad MOD (entrée salad) $10.27


Fountain Drink 16 Oz $2.17
Fountain Drink 24 Oz $2.37
Coke Bottle 12 Oz $2.77
Fanta Bottle 12 Oz $2.77
Float 12 Oz $2.57
Milk 8 Oz $1.97
Chocolate Milk 8 Oz $1.97
San Pellegrino 16.9 Oz $2.77
San Pellegrino Aranciata 11.5 Oz $2.77
Water 16.9 Oz $1.47
Boylans Black Cherry 12 Oz $2.77
Boylans Creme Soda 12 Oz $2.77
Boylans Grape 12 Oz $2.77


Cheesy Garlic Bread – Limited Edition Green Sauce $5.97
Cheesy Garlic Bread – Pesto $5.97
Cheesy Garlic Bread – Ranch $5.97
Cheesy Garlic Bread – Sri-rancha $5.97
Garlic Strips – Red Sauce $2.97
Garlic Strips – Pesto $2.97
Garlic Strips – Ranch $2.97
Garlic Strips – Sri-rancha $2.97
Cinnamon Strips – Chocolate $2.97
Cinnamon Strips – Cinnamon Glaze $2.97
Cinnamon Strips – Strawberry $2.97


No Name Cake $2.27


Oreo Cookie Milkshake – Limited Edition 16 Oz $3.57
Chocolate Milkshake 16 Oz $3.57
Strawberry Milkshake 16 Oz $3.57
Vanilla Milkshake 16 Oz $3.57


What does MOD Pizza stand for?

Mod stands for “made on-demand.” The company’s restaurants sell personal-size pizzas that are assembled as the customer selects toppings and then baked quickly in an extremely hot oven.

What kind of pizza is MOD Pizza?

MOD’s individual artisan-style pizzas are made on-demand, allowing customers to create their own pizzas and salads, using fresh-pressed dough and signature sauces, for one price. Pizzas are hand-cooked in an 800-degree oven in less than three minutes and salads are individually hand-tossed for each customer.

Who is MOD Pizza owned by?

MOD was founded in 2008 by husband and wife, Scott and Ally Svenson, in their hometown of Seattle. Inspired by their own search for quick, affordable, wholesome restaurant options for their growing family, they started to wonder if there were a better way of doing pizza – and business.

How much does MOD Pizza pay per hour?

Average MOD Pizza hourly pay ranges from approximately $9.87 per hour for Cook to $23.00 per hour for General Manager. The average MOD Pizza salary ranges from approximately $15,000 per year for Shift Manager to $79,661 per year for General Manager.

When did MOD Pizza found?

MOD Pizza was founded in 2008; 13 years ago in Seattle, Washington by Scott Svenson, Ally Svenson, and James Markham.



MOD Pizza Corporate Office Address – N/A

MOD Pizza Corporate Office Phone Number – N/A

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MOD Pizza Email Address – [email protected]

MOD Pizza team can be reached by filling the contact form mentioned on their website.


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