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Are you looking for the Schnitz menu prices? If yes, then today after reading this article you will be able to know them. First of all, we will tell you the history of this restaurant and after that, we will move on to the menu with its prices.

It was founded in 2007 in Australia by Roman Dyduk. Currently, they have more than 70 locations in Australia and its headquarters is located in Victoria. They also have great staff who are ready to serve you anytime.

So without wasting much time let’s take a look at the Schnitz menu prices so that you can start ordering the food according to your budget. Below is the Schnitz menu prices:

Wraps & Rolls

Food Prices
American Dream $12.90
The Aussie $13.90
Basic Instinct $9.90
Garden of Eden $12.99
The Hawaiian $13.90
OMG! $15.90
Parmageddon $14.90
Plain and Simple $10.90
Spice of Life $13.90
Status Quo $11.90
The Swiss $13.90

Schnitzels & Parmas

Avo Smash Parma $13.50
Cheese & Ham Parma $!2.50
Hawaiian Parma $13.50
Loaded Schnitzel $13.50
Schnitzel $9.50
Schnitzel & Chips $11.50
Schnitzel Chips & Side Salad $14.90
Parma $11.00
Parma & Chips $13.50
Parma Chips & Salad $16.90


Vegan Basic Instinct $9.90
Vegan Plain Simple $10.90
Vegan Garden of Eden $12.90
Vegan Parmageddon $14.90
Vegan Schnitzel & Chips $11.50
Vegan Schnitzel Chips & Salad $14.90
Vegan Parma & Chips $13.50
Vegan Parma Chips & Side Salad $16.90


Caesar Salad $14.90
Lovingly Fresh $14.90
Mediterranean Salad $14.90


Mini Basic $8.00
Mini Chip Butty $8.00
Mini Status Quo $8.00
Schnitz Stick $4.20


Itty-Bitty Pack $7.90
Teeny-Weeny Pack $8.90


Original Chips (Small) $4.00
Original Chips (Regular) $5.00
Original Chips (Large) $6.00
Original Chips (Family) $9.00
Sweet Potato Chips (Small) $5.00
Sweet Potato Chips (Regular) $6.00
Sweet Potato Chips (Large) $7.00
Sweet Potato Chips (Family) $10.00
Schnitz Dips $1.00
Gravy Large $2.90
Garden Side Salad $5.00
Rainbow Slaw Side Salad $6.00


Soft Drinks (300 ML) $3.70
Soft Drinks (600 ML) $4.20
Remy Kombucha $4.50
Iced Tea (500 ML) $4.50
Preshafruit $4.20
Schweppes Ginger Beer $4.20
Charlies Honest Apple Juice $4.20
600 ML Ridge Water $3.20
Voss Sparkling Water $4.50
Kid’s Pop Tops $2.50


The Originals- Mini Wraps / Rolls Pack $45.00
The Mixed Bag- Mini Wraps / Rolls Pack $50.00
Schnitz Stick Pack $45.00
Vegan Pack $45.00
Gluten-Free Pack $50.00

Schnitz FAQ

Is Schnitz owned by grill D?

Schnitz is a minnow in the fast-food stakes. Its seven stores and $7 million in group store sales compare to 51 Grill’d restaurants and its $67 million in revenue in the past year. Four Schnitz stores are franchised, two are licensed and one is company-owned.

Is Schnitz halal?

Real schnitzels are made fresh, to order – hand dipped in egg wash, coated in crumbs, and pan cooked until golden brown. That’s the traditional way. That’s the Schnitz way. They are now Halal-certified!

Is Schnitz vegan?

Schnitz Crumb & Chip Seasoning is 100% Vegan (i.e. it contains no animal products) and DOES NOT contain any MSG.

Where was Schnitz founded?

Schnitz was founded in Australia in 2007; 13 years ago by Roman Dyduk with the main aim of serving the best food to its customers.

What is the franchise cost of Schnitz?

If you want to own a Schnitz franchise then the franchise fee is $60,000 and the initial investment you will need is $500,000 – $700,000.



Schnitz Corporate Office Address – 10/644 Chapel St, South Yarra VIC 3141, Australia

Schnitz Corporate Office Phone Number – +61 1300 729 900

Schnitz Website –

Schnitz Email Address – [email protected]

Schnitz team can be reached by filling the contact form mentioned on their website.


Schnitz Facebook Page –

Schnitz Twitter Handle – N/A

Schnitz Instagram Account –


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