TCBY menu prices

TCBY Menu Prices (Updated – May 2022)

Are you looking for the TCBY menu prices? If yes, then today after reading this article you will be able to know them because we are going to tell you all about this restaurant like TCBY menu prices, its history and contact details.

If we talk about the history of this restaurant then it was founded in 1981 in Little Rock, Arkansas by Frank D. Hickingbotham who opened the first TCBY  Little Rock, Arkansas.

They have more than 470 locations with its headquarters in Broomfield, Colorado, United States. If you want to enjoy Frozen yogurt / Ice cream with your friends and family then it’s nothing better than TCBY.

The full name of TCBY is ‘The Country’s Best Yogurt’. So without wasting much time let’s take a look at the TCBY menu prices and contact details.

TCBY menu prices

TCBY Menu Prices


Soft Serve Yogurt & Toppings

Soft Serve Cup/Cone Kiddie $1.79
Soft Serve Cup/Cone Small $2.99
Soft Serve Cup/Cone Regular $3.49
Soft Serve Cup/Cone Large $3.89
Kids Topping $0.49
Regular Topping $0.89
Fruit Topping $0.89
Each Additional Topping $0.49

Hand Scooped Yogurt

Hand Scooped Yogurt Cup/Cone Kiddie $1.79
Hand Scooped Yogurt Cup/Cone Small $2.99
Hand Scooped Yogurt Cup/Cone Regular $3.49
Hand Scooped Yogurt Cup/Cone Large $3.89

Waffle Cones

Waffle Cone Only Small $0.79
Waffle Cone (With Soft Serve) Kiddie $2.59
Waffle Cone (With Soft Serve) Small $3.29
Waffle Cone (With Soft Serve) Regular $3.79
Waffle Cone (With Hand Scooped) Kiddie $2.59
Waffle Cone (With Hand Scooped) Small $3.29
Waffle Cone (With Hand Scooped) Regular $3.79
Dipped Waffle Cone (With Soft Serve) Small $4.29
Dipped Waffle Cone (With Soft Serve) Regular $4.79
Dipped Waffle Cone (With Hand Scooped) Small $4.29
Dipped Waffle Cone (With Hand Scooped) Regular $4.79

Beriyo Smoothies

Beriyo Smoothie Small $4.09
Beriyo Smoothie Large $4.99

Specialty Items

Shiver Small $4.29
Shiver Regular $4.79
Shiver Large $5.19
Parfait Regular $4.09
Sundae (Soft Serve) $4.59
Sundae (Hand Scooped) $4.59
Cappuccino Chiller® Small $4.19
Cappuccino Chiller® Regular $4.69
Cappuccino Chiller® Large $5.09
Shakes & Malts Small $4.19
Shakes & Malts Regular $4.69
Shakes & Malts Large $5.09
Sorbet Fizz Small $3.59
Sorbet Fizz Regular $4.09
Sorbet Fizz Large $4.49
Banana Split (Soft Serve) $4.89
Banana Split (Hand Scooped) $4.89
Frappe Chiller® Small $4.19
Frappe Chiller® Regular $4.69

Take Home

Hand Scooped Pint $4.59
Hand Scooped Quart $6.49
Deep Dish Pie (Single Pie) $20.99
Round Crunch Cake Small $17.99
Round Layer Cake Medium $23.99
Round Crunch Cake Medium $23.99
Cake Regular $32.99


What is TCBY stand for?

From its founding in 1981 until 1984, TCBY actually stood for “This Can’t Be Yogurt”! but now it is “The Country’s Best Yogurt”.

Is TCBY really yogurt?

TCBY is a pioneer in Frozen Yogurt and committed to offering nutritional benefits as well as great taste. Super FroYo flavors offer you not only great taste, but also fiber, protein, calcium, Vitamin D, and a manageable number of calories. TCBY is also committed to ensuring our yogurts deliver quality probiotic value.

Who owns TCBY?

TCBY is owned by Mrs. Fields which has some other subsidiaries as well like Maxfield Candy Company.

Who started TCBY?

In 1981, Frank D. Hickingbotham opened the first TCBY in Little Rock, Arkansas. TCBY began franchising the following year, and by 1984 there were over 100 stores.

Where was the first TCBY?

The first TCBY was opened in Little Rock, Arkansas, United States by Frank D. Hickingbotham with the main aim of serving the best Frozen yogurt / Ice cream to its customers.

How many TCBY stores are there?

There are more than 470 locations of TCBY with 360 TCBY stores operating in the United States alone.



TCBY Corporate Office Address – N/A

TCBY Customers Service Phone Number – 1-800-348-6311

TCBY Website –

TCBY Email Address – N/A

TCBY team can be reached by filling the contact form mentioned on their website.Taco Cabana


TCBY Facebook Page –

TCBY Twitter Handle –

TCBY Instagram Account –


TCBY Menu –

TCBY Franchise – To buy a franchise with TCBY, you’ll need to have at least $100,000 in liquid capital and a minimum net worth of $250,000. Franchisees can expect to make a total investment of $150,000 – $400,000. Further details will be founded here

TCBY Nutritional Information –

TCBY Card –

TCBY Healthy Benefits –

TCBY Loyalty –

TCBY Careers – N/A

TCBY Locations –

TCBY Order Online – N/A

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