WaBa Grill Menu Prices 2021

WaBa Grill Menu Prices (Updated – May 2022)

Are you looking for the Waba Grill menu prices? If yes, then today after reading this article you will be able to know them because we are going to tell you all about this restaurant like its contact details and Waba Grill menu prices.

This restaurant specializes in plates, specialty plates, rice bowls, and rice bowls with veggies and much more. The staff of this restaurant is very good and welcoming. If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy yourself with your friends and family then this is the right one.

So without taking much time let’s take a look at the Waba Grill menu with prices and contact details of this restaurant.

WaBa Grill Menu Prices 2021

Waba Grill Menu Prices



Chicken Steak Plate $8.50
Chicken Plate $7.50
Steak Plate $8.50

Specialty Plates

Chicken Salad Plate $8.00
Rib Plate $9.95
Salmon Plate $9.00
Shrimp Plate $9.00

Rice Bowls

Chicken Bowl $6.00
Half and Half Bowl (Chicken and Steak) $7.00
Salmon Bowl $7.50
Steak Bowl $6.76
Shrimp Bowl $7.50

Rice Bowl with Veggies

Half-Half and Veggie Bowl (Chicken and Steak) $7.75
Chicken and Veggie Bowl $6.75
Steak and Veggie Bowl $7.75
Salmon and Veggie Bowl $8.25
Shrimp and Veggie Bowl $8.25
Veggie Bowl $5.00


Soda Can $2.50
Soda 2 Liter $5.00
Soda 6 Pack $6.99
Soda 12 Pack $8.99
Water Single $2.00
Water 3 Pack $5.99
Water 6 Pack $6.99
Water Case $9.99

WaBa Grill FAQ

Is WaBa Grill actually healthy?

If you’re looking for a quick but healthy meal, WaBa Grill is a great option. Though its menu items can be high in calories, sodium, and cholesterol, the chain tends to have more nutritious selections than other fast-casual restaurants. The menu is concise and the offerings tend to have simple ingredients.

Who is the owner of WaBa Grill?

The owner of Waba grill is Eric Lee who started this fast-casual restaurant chain specializing in grilled fusion menu items.

How many calories are in a chicken bowl from WaBa Grill?

There are 630 calories in 1 bowl (411 g) of Waba Grill Chicken Bowl.

How much does it cost to open a Waba Grill?

Waba Grill has a franchise fee of up to $30,000, with a total initial investment range of $336,000 to $572,000. The initial cost of a franchise includes several fees.

When did Waba Grill found?

In 2006, WaBa Grill was founded in sunny Southern California on the principle that healthy food made with quality fresh ingredients doesn’t have to be expensive, and that making smart eating decisions doesn’t come at a sacrifice for taste.

WaBa Grill Hours

Wednesday 10am–9:30pm
Thursday 10am–9:30pm
Friday 10am–9:30pm
Saturday 11am–9:30pm
Sunday 11am–9pm
Monday 10am–9:30pm
Tuesday 10am–9:30pm



WaBa Grill Corporate Office Address – 13191 Crossroads Parkway North, Suite #525, City of Industry, 91746

WaBa Grill Corporate Office Phone Number – 562-908-9222

WaBa Grill Website – www.wabagrill.com

WaBa Grill Email Address – [email protected]

WaBa Grill team can be reached by filling the contact form mentioned on their website.


WaBa Grill Facebook Page – facebook.com/wabagrillofficial

WaBa Grill Twitter Handle – twitter.com/wabagrill

WaBa Grill Instagram Account – instagram.com/wabagrill

WaBa Grill Youtube Channel – youtube.com/channel/UCVQk6oe7t31FD2qH4FssLBA


WaBa Grill Menu – wabagrill.com/menu

WaBa Grill Catering – wabagrill.com/catering

WaBa Grill Rewards –wabagrill.com/rewards

WaBa Grill Franchise Details – wabagrill.com/franchise

WaBa Grill Nutritional Information – wabagrill.com/nutritional-guide

WaBa Grill Careers – wabagrill.com/careers

WaBa Grill Locations – locations.wabagrill.com

WaBa Grill Order Online – order.wabagrill.com

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